Elaboración: selección de ingredientes

Raw materials selection

The process of producing Licaonat starts with the selection of ingredients - of which cocoa is the most important one. We use lean cocoa powder: from all varieties and origins, we select the one that provides the best taste, consistency and tonality to the final product. Afterwards, the remaining ingredients are added in a balanced manner to obtain an optimum liquidity degree, in order to assure a perfect solubility and consistency of the product.

Elaboración: cocción


Following the original Licaonat formula, the mixture goes through a therman treatment to facilitate the dissolution and preserve the product from harmful agents. During the process, an intense cocoa aroma is freed, thus creating a pleasant ambience.

Elaboración: atemperación


Once the cooking time is ended, the product is tempered to be later bottled. The whole production is filtered to assure that the consistency is stable and homogeneous.


Elaboración: envasado


The product is ready, so it is time to bottle it. Every Licaonat is individually bottled, labled and sealed, by hand. In spite of being a laborious task, we assure this way that every product we serve has the care, presentation and content we consider optimum. In other words, we treat each Licaonat package as if it was the first, the last and the only one.

Elaboración: control de calidad

Quality control

Finally, we extract a sample of each production and analyze it in its essential properties by means of an exhaustive quality control. This last test lets us guarantee that the product we offer complies with all health standards and assures that our clients are able to enjoy the best product possibly.